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Kitchen Remodeling in New Canaan, Connecticut

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Enhance the beauty of your home with full kitchen remodeling in New Canaan, Connecticut! Those of us lucky enough to live in New Canaan appreciate its peaceful, idyllic setting. The colonial-style homes and quiet streets make it a magical place to live and raise a family. Amazing Spaces has improved the quality of life for many residents through kitchen remodeling.

The owner of Amazing Spaces, Jason Landau, has served New Canaan for more than a decade, delivering custom kitchen renovations for countless happy homeowners. Over the years, Jason has become the go-to New Canaan kitchen designer for residents looking to update their homes. His process is simple, clear, and highly praised.

Let’s go over the process for an Amazing Spaces kitchen remodel in New Canaan, CT. 

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Complimentary Consultation

Show off your home and swap ideas with New Canaan’s award-winning kitchen designer at Amazing Spaces. Welcome Jason Landau into your home for a couple of hours to view his portfolio, analyze your kitchen space, share concepts, and come up with a budget. This is the time to get to know each other and get on the same page regarding the future of your kitchen.

Your Kitchen Revisited

Once you’ve retained the services of Amazing Spaces, Jason will return to your home to take photographs and measurements. At this point, you will discuss the needs and wants on your wish list. You can show Jason pictures of kitchen features that you’ve seen elsewhere and talk about your kitchen appliances, storage requirements, organizational ideas, and more.

Kitchen remodeling in New Canaan takes time, but this is the stage where your new kitchen begins to take shape as a concept.

Initial & Final Concept Drawings

After one to three weeks, Amazing Spaces invites its clients to the home office to view the initial concept drawings and material samples. In some cases, we present more than one initial concept drawing. Should our clients require substantial alteration of the drawings, Jason will amend them and schedule a second meeting.

If you accept the initial concept drawings, Jason will meet with you on several occasions to add detail to your future kitchen. It’s at this time that you will decide on fittings, accessories, molding, accents, ornamentation, color, and texture. Then, Jason will present a final concept drawing with an updated budget that includes your selection of materials.

Project Documentation & Formal Review

High-tech kitchen remodeling in New Canaan, Connecticut, requires computer drafting. After you have accepted the final concept drawings and budget, our Computer Drafting Department will create project documentation that includes all of the measurements, details, etc. Then, a formal review will take place where any last-minute changes will be made before buying materials.

Materials, Delivery, & Installation

Once the documents are signed and the 50% deposit is delivered, Jason will order the cabinetry and take you out on a shopping trip for all of the remaining materials needed. When the cabinetry arrives, Jason will inspect it to ensure your new cabinets are free of defects. Finally, Jason will oversee the installation of your new kitchen to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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