Classic bathroom remodeling

Why Classic Bathroom Designs are Trending in Greenwich, Connecticut

While bathroom trends are continuously changing throughout the country, there’s no doubt that classic bathroom designs are currently popular in Greenwich, Connecticut. With so many options available at residents’ fingertips, why does traditional bathroom design persist?

Using traditional and natural designs can help you retain your home’s value. These designs have been persistent throughout the ages, offering various aesthetic benefits.

If you want to take advantage of elegant classic bathroom designs, take a look at a few tips below:

Utilize Classic Fixtures and Accessories

Whether it’s a tap, light fixture, shower head, or any other fixture in your bathroom, it’s best to stick with classic options. Fortunately, you can find brand-new traditional fixtures at many leading retailers. By choosing high-quality fixtures, you can ensure your traditional bathroom is ready to last for a long time.

Use Classic Tiles

Taking advantage of classic tiles that use natural materials is always a good starting point if you’re wondering: What are classic bathroom designs?

Tile can go a long way in keeping your bathroom traditional. Using a neutral color can help your design improve its longevity.

Classic Bathroom Designs Extend Your Countertop Space 

Nothing says ‘classic bathroom‘ like extra counter space. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, make sure to take advantage of ample countertops – and preferably source natural materials.

Buy High-Quality Curtains

While you might not think of curtains when you’re focusing on a bathroom remodel project, their importance is evident. Buying high-quality shower curtains with steady shower curtain rings can help you keep your bathroom traditional.

Don’t Get Creative with Colors

If you want to add some spice to your interior design, you might be considering a range of colors. While this can be tempting when renovating your bathroom, it can also send the wrong message if you’re trying to create a classic aesthetic.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t create variation in your bathroom. Use textures, such as different types of tiles, to create variation in your design.

Consult a Professional Remodeler

Lastly, if you really want to take advantage of all that a classic bathroom can offer your home, it’s critical to choose a professional for the job. While DIY renovation projects can sound tempting to save money, they can also end with mixed results.

By choosing a professional designer and contractor to help you turn your bathroom into a classic masterpiece, you can rest assured that your design ideas will come true. Using a professional designer can also help you source materials, fixtures, accessories, and other items that will be critical if you want to complete your classic bathroom.

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