double sink in a modern bathroom design

5 Modern Bathroom Design Trends in 2022

Could modern bathroom design be the next best thing in 2022? While not as noticeable as a remodeled kitchen or living room, the bathroom is still one of the most important rooms in a home. Our experts agree that the bathroom should be one of the first rooms to renovate this year.

With that in mind, Amazing Spaces explores trending designs for modern bathrooms to inspire your next project.

double sink in a modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom features to consider:

1. Spa Features

Spa-like features have exploded in popularity with their aesthetically pleasing and functional design combinations. Think of features like euro-style doors, thick glass, sophisticated hardware, and granite or quartz countertops. Other amazing spa features include:

  • All-in-one shower-bath combos
  • Non-recessed vessel sinks
  • Rain showers

Common features of a spa-inspired design might include natural elements like wood and stone in bathroom fixtures. White, tans, beiges, and grays create a relaxed mood that exudes luxury and sophistication. The trends are also moving away from sharp lines and corners toward rounded edges, like round mirrors and countertop corners. 

2. Plants

Bathrooms should be clean but not sterile and inorganic. Recent “biophilic” designs incorporate copious plants to provide a green and natural aesthetic. Bathroom plants can also do wonders for the humidity levels in this room.

There is a lot of evidence that having green plants in your home can improve mental and physical health. Adding plants creates a more spa-like atmosphere that puts people at ease and makes your bathroom a relaxing space. Greenery can also make the house feel more connected with nature.

3. Wood Features

After a decade ruled by tile, stone, and glass, wooden bathroom fixtures are making a comeback. Wooden vanities, countertops, and cabinets provide a natural feel that wouldn’t be out of place at a fancy spa. Wood accents also mesh well with either a traditional, classic design or a contemporary, modern style, so you can be flexible with how you use them.

Wood comes in several shades, and you can easily find a variant that matches blue, green, gray, or white walls. You can also pair wood with other natural materials, like stone and textured tile. Incorporating natural light to complement these natural elements would be a gorgeous final touch.

4. Minimalism

Another contemporary bathroom design trend is a type of minimalism based on the Nordic architecture philosophy. In bathrooms, minimalism focuses on clean lines, solid colors, and functional design. It prioritizes beauty in simplicity, doing away with the ornamentation so prevalent in more traditional or transitional bathroom designs.

These modern bathroom ideas provide a wide array of design elements and materials, including slate, tile, wood, and granite. Minimalism may also feature integrated designs, such as an all-in-one shower and bathtub combination that saves space and streamlines the look.

5. Bidets

Bidets have been a mainstay overseas for several years and are just not picking up steam in the US. They offer a hygienic and efficient alternative to toilet paper and are far better for the environment. Why not check for bidet attachments online and integrate these into the existing bathroom? 

Why consider a bidet ahead of your next bathroom remodel? It might just be the solution you need for convenience, reduced germ spread, and a superior bathroom experience. 

Choosing an Amazing Bathroom Design

Below, the Amazing Spaces experts drop some handy modern bathroom design ideas: 

  • Pick a key piece (a tub, shower, toilet, or countertop) and build the design around it.
  • Draw a detailed scale model of the floor plan so that you can accurately measure and place fixtures.
  • A white bathroom is a simple and effective design choice, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and texture.
  • Plan enough space for doors and people to move around the space comfortably. 
  • Don’t forget about storage shelves or cabinets to hold towels, toiletries, and soap.
  • Ventilate the room well. Moisture can damage furniture in poorly ventilated rooms, and high humidity can promote mold and mildew growth.

Our final tip is to think carefully about your choice of light fixtures. Light has a significant impact on the look and feel of any interior. Why not consider some strategic lighting to highlight your best fixtures and make the bathroom appear larger?

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